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Project Description
Perspective is an experimental and pedagogical .NET class library for building 2D and 3D Silverlight applications.

NEW ! Perspective 3 (3D) for Silverlight 5

Parts of the source code of Perspective are used as examples in my book about Silverlight (in french).

Which Silverlight version do you use ?
Features :
  • An application which can dynamically load pages from extension packages (.xap), using an extension system described here. This application is used here as demo of the Perspective library. It is localized (english / french).
  • IsolatedStorageHelper : An helper class for isolated storage operations.
  • StringProviderBase : an abstract class to bind strings from resx files and propagate a culture change through binding.
  • StringFormatConverter : a string formatter for databinding.
  • SignalBinding : a binding class which throws conversion events, and prevents to write converter classes. The same one than in Perspective for WPF.
  • Custom shapes : RegularPolygon, Star, Arrow, Checkerboard and PieSlice ("camembert" in French).
  • Knob : a rotative button control (the same one than in Perspective for WPF). Works like a slider, but is more compact and is compatible with multiselection.
  • BeePanel : a custom panel using an hexagonal layout. Children elements are wrapped.
  • BeeGrid : a custom Grid using an hexagonal layout. Children elements use a Row / Column layout system.
  • Classes to store captured WAV audio data : WavAudioEncoder and StreamAudioSink.
  • MayaEase : a custom easing animation that accelerates and/or decelerates using a maya pyramid-like function.
  • Helper classes to handle 2D and 3D matrices.
  • A high-level 3D framework for Silverlight 5, similar to Perspective 3D for WPF.

Documentation and demos :
Enjoy !

Olivier Dewit

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